Escape to Terrasini

Terrasini: small town by the sea. If you’ve ever needed an escape, an idyllic getaway or a break from the city rat-race, this is the place for you. Terrasini is a beautiful fishing town on the north-west coast of Sicily, just under an hour away from Palermo. It’s a place where Italian laisse-faire meets tourist… Continue reading Escape to Terrasini


Summer BBQ

BBQ Recipes: Sun’s out, guns out? Nope, sun’s out, buns out! Yepp you guessed it – it’s BBQ time! Here are a few nice ideas to add an extra special something to your glorious summer BBQ Lemon Chicken Skewers: Serves 4 For the Marinate: 1 lemon Dried oregano Dried thyme Salt and Pepper Extra virgin… Continue reading Summer BBQ