Escape to Terrasini

Terrasini: small town by the sea. If you’ve ever needed an escape, an idyllic getaway or a break from the city rat-race, this is the place for you. Terrasini is a beautiful fishing town on the north-west coast of Sicily, just under an hour away from Palermo. It’s a place where Italian laisse-faire meets tourist… Continue reading Escape to Terrasini


5 favourite songs for commuting

I'm starting a series of monthly favourites here on my blog. Kicking off with the best songs for getting to work! Whether squished in a tube, stuck in a jam or soaked on a bike, this list is guaranteed to get you through that commute. Send me on my way – Rusted Root This song… Continue reading 5 favourite songs for commuting


“So, who are you voting for?”…

Tomorrow, is the UK general election. Ahead of the election, this week’s Stylist magazine featured an article about politics and friendships. An array of friends with opposing political views shared how it felt when their differences came head to head. It got me asking, should we avoid political chat and pipe down, or speak out,… Continue reading “So, who are you voting for?”…


Is beauty wasted on the young?

When I’m 80, I’ll eat cake every day. I won’t remember what burpees are, or why anyone cared about avocados. I’ll never get a spray tan, ever again. Every day, I’ll feel each inch of my ageing skin, smoothing my hands over the papery creases and crevices, made during a life well lived. I’ll welcome… Continue reading Is beauty wasted on the young?