Culture & Chocolate Cake In Berlin

For years, I’ve wanted to visit Berlin. From its turbulent history, to its grungy modernity, this city seemed like a must-see place on my bucket list.

We stayed in the Sorat Hotel Ambassador, in Tempelhof-Schöneberg (the seventh borough of Berlin). Although we planned to stay in Mitte, which is in the heart of the tourist hot-spots of Berlin, we were soon really grateful to be a little further away from the hubbub of the centre.

By chance, we stumbled across a huge German food and beer festival, taking place just a few minutes away from our hotel. It felt authentic and local, which was to be in perfect contrast to our busy days exploring the city.

received_10155089994013272 (1).jpeg

On our first day, we went to Charlottenburg Palace. I recommend exploring the beautiful grounds and wandering through the gardens.


Next, we hit the city!

There are so many sites to see in Berlin, and endless opportunities to learn about the past. Walking under the Brandenburg Gate and past Reichstag building, I was struck not only by the enormity of the architecture, but also by the sense of living history.

A trip to Checkpoint Charlie, the crossing point between old East and West Germany, reiterated the feeling that Germany’s history has shaped its present. Although now swamped by us tourists, this point signals to everyone how war and peace can leave their mark, physically and figuratively, on a place, long into the future.


While rushing between sites and attempting to absorb every bit of culture, it’s always import to pauses for a bit of lunch! My favourite lunch stop was by the river Spree, where we tucked in to Bratwurst with a beautiful view of Berlin’s Cathedral.


Another, was chowing down on fresh pretzels and milky lattes.


Again, wanting to explore further afield, we hopped on a train to Winterfeldt Schokoladen, the most amazing chocolate shop. What a gorgeous cafe for indulgent, decadent chocolate cake! Sipping mochas and breathing in the scent of warm, baked delights was a delicious treat. Well worth a visit!

2016-08-15 17.29.11 (1)20160815_151343

On our final day, our feet needed a well-earned rest. So, we bought a picnic to Tiergarten park and enjoyed the sunshine! It was great to sit, sun-bathe and chat about our time in Berlin. It’s multi-faceted, to say the least, and I’m sure I’ll go back to find yet another side to this fascinating, historical, and defiant city.

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