5 Ways To Get Grounded When You’re Floundering

It’s not always easy to keep on top of life. We might not always feel like the best versions of ourselves, when weighed down with everything from money troubles to relationships, family struggles to work life. So, here’s some tips on how to get grounded, when you feel a little bit at sea.


  1. Let yourself feel it

Like a warm pot that’s full of tea, let your thoughts stew until they’re good and ready to be poured out. (While you’re at it, get someone to make you a good cup of tea.)



2. Make a short-term plan

Don’t try to tackle all your worldly problems at once, whilst formulating a bullet proof 5-year plan and undergoing a radical personality transplant. Take one step at a time. Ask yourself, how do you want to feel this time next month? What do you want to achieve this week? How can you try something new today?

typewriter-801921_1280 (2)

3. Do something that scares you

I don’t mean bungee jumping or going to work naked. But, do something that you wouldn’t normally think you could do. For me, it was attending a cooking class all on my own (see, not too scary, right?). Striking up chit-chat, learning something new, and sharing a meal with strangers was unexpectedly elating. Not because it was a life-changing experience, simply because I wasn’t sure I could do it, but I did.

Capture (2)


4. Transport yourself to another world

Sometimes we get stuck in our own heads. At times like these, I delve into a book that takes me miles away from where I’m sat. Read something that opens your eyes to an entirely different experience of life. There’s nothing more grounding than meeting characters you’ve never met, sensing places you’ve never been, or facing emotions you’ve never comprehended. My suggestion? The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, by Arundhati Roy. I dare you to not be moved by this novel.


5. Sleep or sweat

We underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep (I know, I sound like my mother). I’m not just talking about 8 hours with your eyes closed. I mean deep, uninterrupted slumber, (strategic naps at the weekend should be mandatory). On the flip side, sometimes working up a sweat can be physically cathartic. Exercise releases endorphins that can give us the power-surge we need. So turn your music loud and get your heart racing.



And remember, sometimes it’s OK to not have a plan.

For now, just go with it.




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