Escape to Terrasini

Terrasini: small town by the sea. If you’ve ever needed an escape, an idyllic getaway or a break from the city rat-race, this is the place for you.


Terrasini is a beautiful fishing town on the north-west coast of Sicily, just under an hour away from Palermo. It’s a place where Italian laisse-faire meets tourist hot-spot. This tiny town adopts different personas throughout the year. In the heat of summer, it’s alive with cocktail bars and local festivals. From autumn to spring time, it’s a quiet, secluded spot with stretches of empty beaches. However, whatever the season, Terrasini always has character, Sicilian charm, and a touch of romance.

Every morning, I would wake up (late!) and head to Margaret’s, a gorgeous, friendly café near the main Piazza Duomo. I’d recommend a cappuccino and apricot biscotti; such a simple pleasure to start your day. I loved sitting in the sunshine, sipping my coffee under the orange trees and watching the local Italians chatting vigorously. The vibrancy of this town is infectious, even out of tourist season.

Continuing on the food theme, Terrasini has some amazing restaurants to choose from. Much of the cuisine is fresh from the sea. I have lots of favourite eateries here. Firstly, Coral Reef is a great casual, restaurant for mountainous bowls of pasta and cheap pizzas. Similarly, Bar La Sirenetta feeds all the local fisherman with deliciously honest, fresh food, all day – it’s rustic, but bursting with the spirit of Terrasini. For a seafood dinner with a view of the ocean, try I Faraglioni. To watch the sun go down with a glass of Italian wine, Casablanca offers a balcony looking across the bay.


For some night time entertainment, I suggest heading to Albertini for affordable cocktails and complimentary nibbles. There’s a fun, lively atmosphere in peak season, and a chilled-out vibe in Spring. A perfect way to end a lazy vacation day.

On my most recent visit to Terrasini, I visited Segesta, a breath-taking UNESCO site of ancient Greek ruins. The rocky, uphill walk affords wonderful views, but isn’t for the faint-hearted! But, make it to the top, and you’re guaranteed some memorable scenery.


If you fancy seeing more of Sicily’s spectacular cost line, I recommend taking a boat trip from Terrasini to San Vito Lo Capo Capo (there’s a tourist information in the main Piazza where you can book). Although San Vito is a tourist destination, the aqua water and pearlescent sand, beyond the sea of parasols, is simply gorgeous. We were lucky enough, on our boat trip, to see dolphins riding the surf. Showing off their silvery skin in the sunshine, they looked completely magical, and at home in this paradise.


A final note for anyone persuaded to visit beautiful Terrasini: embrace the hot hazy days and truly relax. This is a town where feeding, laughing and unwinding is mandatory. As the Italians say, “piano, piano”. I’m addicted to the taste of Sicily, and will certainly be back soon.


Comment below if you’ve ever been to Terrasini, or know anything about its history, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Escape to Terrasini”

  1. Terrasini somehow seems like a much more efficient way to say small town by the sea even though it’s just one more syllable. Also, those pictures are gorgeous and your writing just flows so nicely.

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