5 favourite songs for commuting

I’m starting a series of monthly favourites here on my blog. Kicking off with the best songs for getting to work! Whether squished in a tube, stuck in a jam or soaked on a bike, this list is guaranteed to get you through that commute.

Send me on my way – Rusted Root

This song absolutely reminds me of being 8 years old, eating jam sandwiches while watching Matilda. Side effects may include spontaneous dancing and the desire to flip American pancakes.


Isn’t she lovely – Stevie Wonder

This reminds me of my cousin’s wedding, possibly one of the happiest days ever. With this tune of delight carrying you on your way, there might even be a skip in your step.


Indian Summer – Stereophonics

Whilst wedged in a stinky tube, inside a tunnel, miles underground, severely lacking ventilation, you can imagine spending an Indian summer with Kelly Jones…nuff said.


Whatcha Think About That – The Pussycat Dolls ft. Missy Elliott

You’re on a packed bus, resembling a sardine can. When someone (inevitably) steps on your toe, or sneezes on your face, you can turn up the volume and give a sassy hair flick, feeling invincible.


Hot in here

I think this sums itself up. (Just please, no one take your clothes off)


Happy commuting all!


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